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So how does it really work...?

Stock Photo Earnings was created to show photography lover’s how they can take their portfolio’s to the next level…but how exactly does it work?

To fully understand what we have to offer, let’s take a step back and show you a little bit about stock photography.


What is stock photography?

Stock photography is the supply of photograph’s licensed for specific uses.

Basically, several individuals around the globe such as graphic designers & writers are constantly looking for an image that they feel would enhance the overall experience for a particular creative project.

This project could be anything! It could be a brochure on an upcoming event, or maybe an advertisement on a new product.

When it comes to publications in general, photography will always be a key aspect.

How often do you see a website without a picture? How about a Magazine or Newspaper?

Rarely, if not ever! The reason why is because images allow writers to paint a vision for their reader to pick up on while also adding emotion. Pictures are worth a thousand words so the way a companies image is percieved will definitely have a long lasting impression.

Visual appeal is crucial when you are looking for prospect readers! Bloggers for example tend to have a picture that conveys the emotion of their post to attract readers that are not so excited about reading in the first place.

However, every company doesn't have the luxury of having a freelance photographer on their payroll. Non-profit organizations for example simply do not have the resources for this. When time and money are against these companies, many rely on an alternative source for professional quality images at a reasonable amount…which is where you fit in!

If you have a passion for photography, you might have the perfect image for one of these creative publications in your portfolio right now!

But does your portfolio ever get to see the light of day? Or do you just leave your creative achievements sitting in the dark?

Listen…I personally know a handful of photographers with expensive equipment who do this as a hobby and tend to forget about what they captured yesterday. However, these individuals do not realize the value sitting in their portfolios!

I am sure you know how to upload your latest night out on the town for your friends to see on Facebook or Twitter..but why not upload your picture to a website and get paid for it? That’s right! There are companies out there that are willing to pay you to upload your photography for purchase! Every time someone downloads your image, you get paid!

Stock Photo Earnings will show you where these companies are and how to succeed & turn your portfolio into a major passive income machine with our super easy process!


Step 1 - Signing Up

The first step will be signing up! The Stock Photo Earnings guide has insight on several of contributing agencies that allow you to upload your photography for purchase!

These contributing agencies are known around the globe, which means that your photography is being exposed to potential image seeking customers worldwide!

The best part is it is totally free to signup! No registration fee's! No management fee's! With signup being free this gives you the potential to earn hundreds, even thousands of extra dollars per month!

Each agency has it's own methods as to what you are required to do to become a contributor. Some may require a quiz, while others require a certain amount of images to be reviewed & favored before you are even considered a contributor!

However, this should not worry you. Some agencies are more suitable for beginner's while others are more beneficial for an advanced photographer. Whether you are a beginner or you have been at it for years, we will guide you on which contributing agencies are right for you in terms of qualifications.

Step 2 - Uploading Your Images

Next, we will be uploading your photography! Before clients are allowed to purchase your photographs will need to be reviewed by a team of analyst.

Their main focus is to inspect your image and also ensure that it is truly your work. Also, depending on what elements your picture contains these analyst will be checking your property & model release forms.

Some agencies don't require any type of review process at all while others have very strict guidelines. Do not be discouraged if your photographs get declined by one agency, as we have several others who would love to have you!

Step 3 - Start Making Cash

Do you prefer PayPal or a check? How about Moneybookers? You Choose!

Stock Photo Earnings gives flexibility by showing several different contributing agencies with different options for payment!

The best part about Stock Photo Earnings is you can earn cash right from the comfort of your home!

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Stock Photo Earnings - Guide To Success!

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So how much could I really make?

Most companies operate on a pay per download basis. With that being said, what it really comes down to is how many photographs you have available for purchase! If you can make a few dollars with one photo, imagine how much you could make with 100? or 1000?

Some photographer's have hundreds of quality photographs simply sitting dormant on their machine! Could this be you?

If so, then you could be on your way to making money with your portfolio tomorrow!

All you need to be successful with us is...

  • A few extra minutes! I don't know about you but I have all the time in the world for earning extra income!
  • A computer or laptop with a high speed internet connection!
  • An open mind & an eye for photography!
  • A camera that allow's manual settings & lens changes is ideal. However, if you don't have this don't rush out to the store buying the most expensive camera you can find. Remember it is not the camera that takes a good picture, it is the person!
  • The more pictures you upload, the more you make!

If you believe that these steps are for you than Stock Photo Earnings is the opportunity of a life time! Check out our testimonials!